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Can U read this?

October 10, 2006

Today Merete Klinkvort of Denmark added a comment written on her iBook G4 excluding the missing keys. Can You guess which keys are missing?
“Hi Fllow acur!
I hav a probl with y iBoo, wich I bliv vral of you hav too.
Th lttr vah fro th yboar aftr l tha two yar.
Lt u jut ay that I o’t ow bli typig. That a that I hav to loo for th lttr I wat to u. ic thy ar ot arrag alpabthically, it i ot vry ay!

orry about th bra. y coputr wt blac a I ha to rov th battry, put it bac i a rtart. But hr I a agai. I gu it i a hut ow – har about that bfor? It happ oft a ha b a big probl ic I bought th thig. pcilly wh I u it i y practic with clit.
O of th ay I will go to a tor a a copli.
O wor Appl o’t awr, thy probably caot ra y ag.
Ca you?”


Apple accuses customers of mistreat of faulty notebook keyboards

October 1, 2006

Today I received from the danish Consumer Complaints Board a copy of Apple Computer International’s answer at my complaint about the vanishing letters on my iBook G4 keyboard.
Here you can read what Apple in concert with a danish solicitor has reached forth to :

”Apple finds no prove that the fault at the keyboard be owing a defect from fabrication or materials that have been present at the time of delivery. The
fault appears ultimate 15 month’s after delivery, and Apple finds it best likely that the artefact is caused from the customer wrong use of the keyboard or from wrong clean-up / maintenance – e.g. use of cleaning fluids that contains chemicals, that can harm the keyboard (e.g.. acetone).”

My comment to the board
”Apple and the attorney are so busy to shoot the blame at the customer, that they ignore a crucial inconvenient detail :
If it was true , that i’ve used chemicals to clean-up, how can it possibly turn out that only half the characters is trite away? Has anybody ever heard of a nerd wanting to clean only every other key of a keyboard?
Besides me 60 others danish Macusers have experienced the characters disappearing from their Apple notebook board. Does Apple claim all 60 have chosen to clean only every other key?
Apples argument is shocking badly. I think the danish Consumer Complaints Board understands my doubts about the argument , and I hope the Board will demand a sober dealing with my complaint.”

What’s next?
According danish consumer laws, when the parts cannot agree, the hardware in question has to be examined by a independent technician.
No matter how long the procedure may take, I will keep my consumer rights. As long as the trial is on, my rights cannot go beyond the time limit.
Therefore my advice for Apple will be:
You better hire some more attorneys!

Let the good things roll

August 21, 2006

There seems to a lot of forums and blogs out there discussing faulty Apple products and lousy customer service.
Wouldn’t it be nice if each and every of those linked together?
Hi threadmaster!
You are welcome to join here.
If you want a password, tell me your email adress (without the @ for scurity reasons!).
If you want a link in my blogroll, just pass me the URL.
See Ya!

Paris Expo can have me doing the keynote

August 19, 2006

Today I wrote the staff of Reed Expo, the company in charge of the Paris Apple Expo next month:

I would like to propose myself as an alternative keynote speaker now that it is corfirmed Steve Jobs does not show up at Apple Expo Paris.
My expertices are sustainable enterprises, decent working conditions for employees, quality demands for production units and a decent customer service when faulty products by accident show up on the market.
I could run a workshop as well talking about what an Apple customer is supposed to do when – by pure accidential means – Apple behaves deaf and blind about certain hardware issues.

Best regards,

Carsten Legaard, Denmark – aka

For me I think this is a splendid idea. What about you?

Something rotten in Dublin?

June 30, 2006

Today we had a comment from Merete Klinkvort. She has another odd experince with AppleCare in Dublin.
She purchased her Apple iBook G4 in october 2004 at the Denmark AppleStore. Every once in a while her system turns black and unavailable. The only way to wake it up again is taking out the battery.
Merete turns to Apple Customer Service, but they have the nerve to convince her that her G4 acts just naturally and that the problem is something she just has to learn to live with.
To get further help, they even convinces her, she must purchase an AppleCare ensurance.
When she does, this is the brillant solution from the support-guy at AppleCare, Dublin:
“You just have to restart your machine activating cmd+alt+shift+P+R.”
Of course resetting the PRAM does NOT help Merete in this matter.
I adviced her to contact Dublin again and claim – with the reference number on her AppleCare ensurance – that they take her machine in for a repair.
What would you advice Merete to do?

Hello, macworld!

June 28, 2006


This blog ain’t for fans or fanatics. It is for macusers having experienced the poison side of the Apple.
I did af few weeks ago. Complained to Apple Europe that the keyboard-letters of my 18 months aged iBook G4 are vanishing. Seven letters have complety gone and seven are vanishing. Half the alphabet invisible.
The answer from Apple Europe: “We have never heard of such a problem and by the way we cannot help you as your iBook is past the one year warranty.”
The twist: In the last few weeks Apple Europe have had to tell 50 danish macusers the same sad lie.