Small painted plastic buttons with the painted letters vanishing after 12-18 months of moderate use. Is this a discount bamboo desktop?
Oh no, it happens to be the famous, the admired, the highly branded Apple Powerbook and the iBook G4.

A group of fifty danish macusers have requested a trial against Apple at the danish Customer Rights Board after the company denied exchange of faulty iBook and Powerbook keyboards.
Most of the notebooks are purchased 2004 and 2005.
The trouble is that letters are only painted on the keys, not engraved as in other keyboards. The letters simply vanishes after a period.

“I have been a macuser for almost twenty years and have had several Apple computers, but I have never seen something as lousy as this keyboard,” Carsten Legaard, one of the group keepers say.
Even though the keyboard matter is subject to a lot of discussions at the companys own website, Apple Europe claims they have never heard of the problem.
In Denmark less than ten customers have had luck convincing Apple they must exchange the faulty keyboards. About 50 customers were turned down by Apple Europe and left with the “possibility” to spend another $150 purchasing a new keyboard.
At powerbookmedic.com they love the Powerbooks and iBooks while they sell a lot of replacement keys at $8 per letter!!
Now the fifty danes have chosen to discuss the arrogant Apple behavior in public, and we welcome macusers all over the world to join our debate.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. marieke Says:

    hi carsten, i allready got in touch with you about a year ago.
    i purchased my ibook in december 2004 and after a month at least 8 keys were gone.
    i send you some pix then but i moved them here
    in case you need them for further reference feel free to use them.
    i bought my keyboard from the macstore in Bergen, Norway with scandinavian keyboard.
    I went back there after a month but they couldnt replace the keyboard since it was still functional, allthough the keys had faded / were gone within a few weeks.
    I have seen more people that bought an ibook around this time having the same problem

    Well, i am thinking about replacing my keyboard this summer, is there any progress with the case at apple? ..my guess is no but id like to hear how its going.
    Thanks and goodluck!
    Marieke Verbiesen (Netherlands)

  2. Susie Bondig Says:

    I also bought a Ibook in 2005 and the letters began disapering about 1-1 1/2 years after that:(((


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