Can U read this?

Today Merete Klinkvort of Denmark added a comment written on her iBook G4 excluding the missing keys. Can You guess which keys are missing?
“Hi Fllow acur!
I hav a probl with y iBoo, wich I bliv vral of you hav too.
Th lttr vah fro th yboar aftr l tha two yar.
Lt u jut ay that I o’t ow bli typig. That a that I hav to loo for th lttr I wat to u. ic thy ar ot arrag alpabthically, it i ot vry ay!

orry about th bra. y coputr wt blac a I ha to rov th battry, put it bac i a rtart. But hr I a agai. I gu it i a hut ow – har about that bfor? It happ oft a ha b a big probl ic I bought th thig. pcilly wh I u it i y practic with clit.
O of th ay I will go to a tor a a copli.
O wor Appl o’t awr, thy probably caot ra y ag.
Ca you?”


7 Responses to “Can U read this?”

  1. appledash Says:

    H ! ha oe fo , oo. u y Book 4 k yboa v wo w h h k y co p y o a v h . o h h f h ph b .
    h k ‘ b o o h u c w ‘ w p c ou .
    w h o 8300. h 2001 pu ch v y k y ju f .

    (Hi! That goes for mine too. I guess my iBook G4 keyboard is even worse with nine keys completely gone and seven vanishing. More than half the alphabet.
    Think I’d better add a translation so the audience won’t waste precious time.
    Translated with a Dell Dimension 8300. The Dell is a 2001 purchase and every single key remains just fine.)

  2. Merete Klinkvort Says:

    Just in case someone cannot read my comment, I will add the missing letters:
    Hi Fellow Macusers!
    I have a problem with my iBook, which I believe several of you have too.
    The letters vanish from the keyboard after less than two years.
    Let us just say, that I don’t know blind typing. That means that I have to look for the letters, I want to use. Since they are not arranged alphabetically, it is not very easy.

    Sorry about the brake. My computer went black, and I have to remove the battery, put it back in and restart.
    But here I am again. I guess it was a shut down – heard about that before? It happens often and has been a big problem since I bought the thing. Especially when I use it in my practice with clients.
    One of these days I will go to a store and make a complaint.
    No wonder Apple doesn’t answer. They probably can’t read my…..
    Now I can’t read it either!
    Can you?

    Here is someone who has had a good service from Apple!

  3. Chris Says:

    I also have an iBook – I have the record here 11 totally vanished….9 are halfway gone…never looked into it much. I just figured I would eventually buy a replacement

  4. Appledash Says:

    Hell, yeah! Just turn on Mac Speech and tell the damned machine to behave well!?

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  6. Renewable Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Renewable.

  7. Samuel L. Says:

    My fellow on Orkut shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

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