Something rotten in Dublin?

Today we had a comment from Merete Klinkvort. She has another odd experince with AppleCare in Dublin.
She purchased her Apple iBook G4 in october 2004 at the Denmark AppleStore. Every once in a while her system turns black and unavailable. The only way to wake it up again is taking out the battery.
Merete turns to Apple Customer Service, but they have the nerve to convince her that her G4 acts just naturally and that the problem is something she just has to learn to live with.
To get further help, they even convinces her, she must purchase an AppleCare ensurance.
When she does, this is the brillant solution from the support-guy at AppleCare, Dublin:
“You just have to restart your machine activating cmd+alt+shift+P+R.”
Of course resetting the PRAM does NOT help Merete in this matter.
I adviced her to contact Dublin again and claim – with the reference number on her AppleCare ensurance – that they take her machine in for a repair.
What would you advice Merete to do?


16 Responses to “Something rotten in Dublin?”

  1. Nuffern Says:

    I would recommend her to take an early plane to California. Buy a small gun, and ask to speak with the CEO.

    I will never ever but an Apple product, and the reason is Apples extremly bad customer support – and the way the look at their customers.

    Here is a link to which I support my case. It’s in Norwegian, but that shoulden’t be a problem for all of you danish guys:

  2. dr. gonzo Says:

    Buy a new computer, defenestrating the old one. Perhaps pitching it at the store window would help. Or call theyre tech support and record it, then post their idiocy on the web like that guy did with AOL.

  3. dr. gonzo Says:

    Their, there and they’re, I am an idiot, sorry.

  4. bloglily Says:

    Dr. Gonzo — You’re not an idiot; you may well be the guy who’s just started a worldwide movement of guerrilla videoing. Not just bad apple support (or aol), but any and all acts of corporate greed, stupidity, laziness. Someone needs to start a web site devoted just to this. Perhaps you already have!

  5. Jesper Hvirring Says:

    Here’s what I’ve learned in my short time as a Mac user (with a beta-version MacBook Pro):

    If you’re not satisfied with the solution suggested by Apple support, call Apple customer relations instead and ask for a Danish speaking agent. Insist that the solution suggested by Apple support isn’t an option for you. Customer relations seem to actually listen to the customer…

  6. Ramon Richie Says:

    I suggest she try the following:

    1. Remove the main battery and leave the iBook on a charger for a couple of hours (this charges the backup battery)

    2. Reset the PMU (Power Management Unit).

  7. Martin Lamberth Says:

    Bloglily – While I’m all for sticking it to huge corporations having lousy custumer care, just remember that in many countries it is illegal to record a conversation without notifying the other party that he/she is being taped.

  8. David Says:

    Nuffer writes:

    “I will never ever but an Apple product, and the reason is Apples extremly bad customer support – and the way the look at their customers”

    I’m sorry you seem to have experienced bad service from Apple. I have had nothing but good service from them and know two others who have had good service … one even having a keyboard replaced without charge after he had spilt wine on it! Also, it must be said, their products are generally of higher quality than many others. Nonetheless, I agree with taking on big Corporations (including Apple) when they don’t meet out rightful demands.

  9. Window lover Says:

    Hi, I suggest that she dump the shit and buy a PC instead. Thats the only way 🙂

  10. Ruth Weiss Says:

    I am the lucky owner of a PC from Medion, and when my letters disappeared I got a new keyboard free. I got 3 years guarantee. Bought in NETTO, Denmark

  11. kristina Says:

    I have never had anything but excellent service from Apple. I would suggest she is firm and demand a replacement. If she makes a big enough fuss in the shop with the manager I am sure they would. It sounds like a “people” problem not an Apple one in general.

  12. Ali Khan Says:

    I upgraded my Mac in 2000 to the top of the range graphite imac. Within six months the internal battery died and the machine made noises if powered off but not turned off at the mains. After 18months the machine developed a “dead screen” due to poor quality cheap ATI graphics card. As always with Apple even a minor repair is £500+. I discussed this with a senior Apple exec at an Expo whose attitude was what do you expect from a computer costing “only” £1300. Being American he did not understand UK Sale of Goods Act which ordains compensation for up to six years after purchase. Given that Apple products ,especially now that even the processors are PC, are still overpriced and product quality is so poor(with it being up to the user to find out if their are any ex gratia repairs) is it worth buying just for the OS esp as PCs at least allow you to self replace faulty parts?

  13. Bjorn Says:

    I use a G5.
    It works perfect, but first i had one of wich the processor exploded , half an hour out of the box.
    went back to the shop and the dude sais well, we’ll take it in for repair.
    I looked at him, raised one eybrow, and he said, or we can just give you a new one.
    So i got a nother one. no problems. All the rest of the services were just right, no comment,
    I guess it depends a lot on wich shop you go, and how the mood of the shop personel is.
    With Apple customer service i have had no conversation, ever.
    Know why?
    Cos Apple R-U-L-E-S over all the rest. Their computers just do.
    Window lover doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.
    But from any BIG company the attitude is mostly a bit blunt, stupid enough.
    I guess it is the only way to get on top of things, in bussiness.
    And don’t forget, for every one problem with an Apple there are ten problems with a windows pc.
    Regards Bjorn.

  14. lisa Says:

    this smells like class action law suit…some guy did it to Blockbuster and now their late fee policy has changed.

  15. Bo Jerichau Says:

    When the first Imac was out I was one of the unfortunate ones who got it at work. This was my first personal experience with an Apple computer. The noise level equalled the take off noise of a boing 777 and the speed getting pages on the internet was much slower than on my much cheaper pc at home. Rotten experience.
    Now my 16 year old daughter is attracted to the glossy image of a MacBook and wants to buy it. Coukd any of you out there point to anywhere on the net where there in unbiased information and fair and critical reviews on this product.
    I am not a computer expert but my first experience with apple indeed made me wonder if apple produces good computers or just good marketing.

  16. Appledash Says:

    A user poll at has stated, that 40 percent of those taking part in the poll have had severe problems with their MacBooks or MacBook Pros. Among the common problems are overheating and a howling noise from whatever part inside the notebook.
    You better advice Your daughter to be careful out there …

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