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Something rotten in Dublin?

June 30, 2006

Today we had a comment from Merete Klinkvort. She has another odd experince with AppleCare in Dublin.
She purchased her Apple iBook G4 in october 2004 at the Denmark AppleStore. Every once in a while her system turns black and unavailable. The only way to wake it up again is taking out the battery.
Merete turns to Apple Customer Service, but they have the nerve to convince her that her G4 acts just naturally and that the problem is something she just has to learn to live with.
To get further help, they even convinces her, she must purchase an AppleCare ensurance.
When she does, this is the brillant solution from the support-guy at AppleCare, Dublin:
“You just have to restart your machine activating cmd+alt+shift+P+R.”
Of course resetting the PRAM does NOT help Merete in this matter.
I adviced her to contact Dublin again and claim – with the reference number on her AppleCare ensurance – that they take her machine in for a repair.
What would you advice Merete to do?


Hello, macworld!

June 28, 2006


This blog ain’t for fans or fanatics. It is for macusers having experienced the poison side of the Apple.
I did af few weeks ago. Complained to Apple Europe that the keyboard-letters of my 18 months aged iBook G4 are vanishing. Seven letters have complety gone and seven are vanishing. Half the alphabet invisible.
The answer from Apple Europe: “We have never heard of such a problem and by the way we cannot help you as your iBook is past the one year warranty.”
The twist: In the last few weeks Apple Europe have had to tell 50 danish macusers the same sad lie.